Hailey Baldwin, now known as Hailey Bieber, is the supportive‍ and dedicated wife behind⁢ the‌ success of pop sensation Justin Bieber. The couple tied the‍ knot in 2018 and⁢ have been inseparable ever since.⁢ Hailey, a model and television⁤ personality, has⁢ been a pillar of strength for Justin throughout his journey in the spotlight. Her unwavering support and love have been instrumental in helping⁤ Justin ⁢navigate‍ the complexities of​ fame⁤ and‌ fortune.

Despite her own⁤ successful career, Hailey has always prioritized her role as ‌Justin’s wife and biggest⁣ cheerleader.‍ Whether it’s accompanying him to red carpet events, ⁤cheering‍ him on⁢ at‍ his concerts, or simply ⁣being⁤ there‌ for him during tough times,‌ Hailey’s commitment to Justin is unwavering.⁤ She stands by him through thick and thin, always offering a shoulder to lean on ‌and a⁢ listening ear.

Full Name Hailey Baldwin ⁣Bieber
Occupation Model, Television Personality
Marriage⁣ Date September 13, 2018