Ylvis, the Norwegian comedy‌ duo behind the viral sensation “The ​Fox,” took ⁣the internet ‍by storm in 2013 with their catchy and ⁤quirky song. ⁤However, since then, the ⁢legacy of “The Fox” seems to ⁤have faded into obscurity. Despite gaining over ‌1 billion views on YouTube, the question remains: What ⁤happened to Ylvis?

Initially,⁢ “The Fox” brought Ylvis international fame and ⁢recognition, but the ⁤duo’s ⁤subsequent projects‌ failed to capture the‍ same ‌level of attention. ⁢Their attempts to replicate the success of “The ‍Fox” with other ⁢comedic music videos and ‍TV⁢ shows ⁣were met ‍with lukewarm responses from ⁣the public. This ‍decline ​in popularity ​led many to wonder ⁣if Ylvis was a one-hit wonder or​ if they simply fell victim to⁢ the fleeting ‍nature of internet virality.

Year Event
2013 “The Fox” goes viral
2014 Ylvis⁢ releases “Trucker’s Hitch” and “Massachusetts”⁤ music videos
2016 Ylvis ⁣hosts a talk show⁣ called “I kveld med YLVIS”

Despite their ‍fading legacy,‍ Ylvis continues to create comedy content ​and ‍music,‌ albeit with a⁣ smaller audience. It’s clear that “The Fox” catapulted them ⁣into ‌the spotlight, but sustaining that level⁣ of success proved ⁢to ⁢be ‍a challenge.‌ Whether Ylvis will⁣ ever reclaim their former glory remains uncertain, but their​ impact‌ on internet culture is undisputed.