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    Four Ways To Travel That Will Relax You

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    When searching for ways to relax from everyday life, traveling has consistently risen to the top of the list given the multitude of advantages it offers. Whether you want to relish in being pampered at a luxurious spa or explore an unknown country in search of an unforgettable adventure, travel can provide many therapeutic benefits when done properly.

    To help you plan a well-managed trip that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed, below are four mannerisms of travelling that should have you feeling your best when the time comes!

    1. Soak in a hotel

    Choose a five-star or boutique hotel with a good view during non-holidays. It is best not to choose popular cities and scenic spots. Try to choose some niche places and hotels famous for their services.

    If you are abroad, try to choose a five-star or boutique hotel that does not provide Chinese services. Choose the room with the best view. If you have a separate villa or a single-family room with a swimming pool, you can see the sea, mountains, and another scenery is the first choice.

    After checking in:

    1. Sleep until you wake up naturally, usually around noon or afternoon.
    2. If you are willing to move, go to the restaurant in the hotel and ask the waiter what special or specialty dishes are available today.
    3. If you don’t want to, make an internal call, order your favorite food, and have it delivered to your bed.

    After eating, if you want to go, you can take a walk in the hotel. If you don’t want to move, you can continue to read books and watch videos on the bed or recliner. If you are sleepy, you can continue to sleep. If you feel tired or tired, you can make an appointment with the hotel’s SPA.

    Try to sleep as much as possible, don’t stay up late, and sleep until you wake up naturally every day. If you don’t want to move, you can lie on the deck chair or go to the spa.

    Prepare snacks, wine, drinks, and fruits in the room, watch the scenery or swim, and chat.

    Remember to turn off your phone, try not to go online, and never update photos and updates online.

    Daily routine: sleeping, dazed, swimming, walking, reading, drinking, eating, SPA, exercising.

    Barely leave the hotel gate, do not go to scenic spots, do not go to restaurants for self-service during meals, and go to entertainment facilities to experience (you can go when there are few people)

    If you stay for a week and feel tired of the scenery or the service is not good, then change to another hotel. If you are in the mountains, you can change to the seaside or vice versa, but you often continue to soak in this hotel because of laziness.

    This method is called soaking in a hotel. I used to do it when I was tired. When I was extremely stressed or tired, I took my wife and children and soaked them for 2 or 3 weeks. After that, I could completely recover, refreshed, and energetic. Full grid.

    In terms of cost, domestic boutique hotels are expensive, but the cost is not expensive abroad, especially in many places in Southeast Asia. It is not expensive to rent a villa by yourself.

    If it is not a popular time, use points or various promotional activities, sometimes it is very cheap or even similar to ordinary business hotels. Still, it will be more difficult for ordinary people.

    2. Secluded retreat

    When reading the biography of Bill Gates more than 20 years ago, I noticed that he had a very interesting habit. No matter how busy he was at work, he would stay for 2-3 weeks every year to go to a remote cabin alone for a few days. There are no people around, the Internet, or means of communication.

    I was impressed by this habit when I spent these few weeks reading, thinking, learning, and determining the company’s future course. Later, I also found an opportunity to try it a few times, and the effect was very good, but it has not yet formed a fixed habit.

    Later, I found that many bigwigs have similar habits, and I give myself time alone every year for a few weeks to relax and think.

    Find a place with no Internet and inconvenient transportation to stay for a while. Every day is nothing more than reading, writing, and thinking. It is uncomfortable for the first 1 or 2 days, but you will get used to it soon. The mind can calm down slowly and think about major choices or usually ignored issues. Sitting quietly, meditating, and exercising daily can relax you after a few days.

    When you have nothing to worry about, nothing to think about, and no one to bother you, it’s easy to relax. Most are remote temples, Taoist temples, deep forest farms, mountains, remote villages, and islands. The cost is not high, and the basic requirements for food and housing are enough.

    Some temples and Taoist temples have meditation and activities that you can participate in, ranging from 3 days to a month. When participating, you have to hand over all electronic products and snacks, meditate, and attend classes daily, but this is not the same as a retreat. The thing is, it is not as effective as being alone behind closed doors.

    When I meet some friends, I sometimes do this. For example, when a writer writes a book or script, this method has a very good effect. There is also a friend whose team collaborates through the Internet. One year they went to Chiang Mai, Thailand, to find a remote place, rented a villa, and worked together for a month, which felt very good.

    A few years ago, there was a B&B with this kind of house for rent, and a friend did a project. 7 or 8 people went to a mountain without Internet, the scenery was good, and they stayed together for a week.


    As long as there is no network interference, no cell signal, and no one can find you, it is easy to relax.

    But don’t think about retreating where there is a mobile phone signal, as constant calls will disturb you.

    If you feel that you can’t live without your mobile phone and Internet, don’t make trouble for yourself, don’t try this.

    3. Slow travel

    Many people feel that traveling is too tiring mainly because the speed is too fast and the time is too short.

    The way I like to travel is usually to find a country, region, or city that I have never been to and find a local homestay to live for some time, a short period of half a month and a month, and a long period of 2-3 months.

    I sleep until I wake up naturally every day, meet some local friends, and go to my favorite local restaurants for dinner. If I have nothing to do, I often go to the farmer’s market, buy local ingredients and condiments, and learn to cook some local meals.

    Learn about the local history and customs, don’t go to popular attractions. Go to attractions known to locals, participate in local activities, communicate with locals, taste local delicacies, and even learn local handicrafts to gain a deeper understanding of this area.

    This way of travel can truly integrate into the local life and experience different cultures and lifestyles. Slowly adapting to the local rhythm of life. There is no pressure and purpose in this traveling way, and it is carried out completely according to personal feelings.

    Once, I went on an ancient town tour. It feels good to have a town. After staying there for a few days, especially after the tourists left, the whole ancient town became very quiet, and there were almost no people. We walked around the almost empty old town one night and enjoyed the peace and calm. At this moment, we have fully integrated into this ancient town’s life and established an indescribable connection with this ancient town.

    Loved exploring and discovering the lesser-known but interesting places in the local area. This way of traveling is also more relaxed and free. You can change the travel plan anytime and adjust the itinerary according to your interests and feelings.

    This kind of travel allows me to discover and explore different cultures and ways of life. A deeper understanding of local culture and life can also help you understand yourself better, which has a significant relaxing effect on anxiety and stress.

    I am a freelancer, and most of my work is done through the Internet, so I often try this way of travel. When my children are young, they usually find a strange city or region to stay in for about a month during winter and summer vacations.

    Be careful not to go to popular cities and scenic spots during holidays, it will only make you anxious and suffer.

    Whether you’re looking to escape reality or relax, these three methods can help you get there.

    4. Have a sufficient right to choose

    Traveling suffers, enjoys, or relaxes nothing more than whether you can choose travel.

    When you can’t choose, such as traveling with a group or going to popular attractions, cities, and routes during holidays.

    There is no room for choice when traveling, either by arrangement. If you cannot decide on the itinerary by yourself, it is very simple to go with a group tour for food, accommodation, and transportation. Either it is expensive, there are many people, there are queues everywhere waiting for a seat, and the food, accommodation, and transportation are uncomfortable. Of course, it is suffering.

    When you can choose to travel, go on your own, go to different countries and regions, and get in touch with different folk customs and cultures. If you have enough time, energy, and money, you can choose five-star and boutique hotels and taste various special delicacies. Randomly formulate various routes, pick up and drop off by car, and walk in the beautiful scenery with few people.

    Sleep until you wake up freely in the morning, go to massage or SPA when you are tired, and walk around if you want to move. I feel good, live for a while and enjoy life.

    Do what you want, choose whatever you want, this kind of travel will never be a pain but enjoy it.

    For example, Disney has three ways to play:

    1. No time or money.

    You can only go during holidays, and you will spend normally. You will find that all the fun places have to queue up, and you can’t grab a seat for the float parade and fireworks show. Meals, accommodation, and souvenirs are super expensive. I can’t play a few games in a day, and I’m so tired that I’m dying. Do you think your girlfriend or wife can be happy? It is particularly easy to quarrel or even break up.

    2. No time but money.

    Buy an exclusive card, book a room at the Disney Hotel, check in the night before, and enter the park directly after breakfast in the morning. Several popular projects take the fast track, and you can play whatever you want.

    All service staff greeted each other with smiles, and there were seats for floats and fireworks shows. If you are tired, go back to the hotel to rest, eat and drink well, and then continue to play. Don’t worry about playing. If you don’t play well in one day, you can play in two or three days. Do it several times if you are not satisfied with it once.

    3. No money but time.

    Go to Disney when there are few people on non-holidays. There is no need to queue up for popular items, and it doesn’t cost much. It’s just as fun.

    A friend bought an annual card, and my home is nearby. Work is not too busy. I often use Disney’s small program when I have nothing to do. When I find very few people, I find an excuse or reason to ask for leave and then go to Disney to stay for half a day.

    It’s all about playing, and it’s clear at a glance which one is suffering and which one is enjoying. The difference between group tours, independent travel, and high-end customized tours. You don’t have to be rich to enjoy it. When you have energy and time, and a lot of space to choose from, you can also enjoy it.

    So the comfort of travel lies in how many choices you have: time, route, itinerary, hotel, catering, and the degree of freedom, which determines your feelings.

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