Marque Urgent Care ​facilities offer a wide range of comprehensive services designed to meet ⁤the diverse⁤ medical⁢ needs ‌of our patients. From minor injuries to illness treatment ‍and preventive‌ care, our urgent care centers are equipped⁣ to provide high-quality‍ medical services ‌in a convenient and timely manner.‍ Some of the key services offered at Marque‌ Urgent Care facilities ​include:

  • Urgent⁣ Care: Our facilities‌ provide ⁤timely and effective medical care for non-life-threatening conditions, ⁤such as⁢ fever, flu, minor⁤ fractures, and more
  • Occupational Medicine: ​ We ​offer a range of occupational health ‍services, including workers’ compensation, pre-employment exams, drug testing, and more ‍to⁢ support ⁤businesses and employees
  • Diagnostic Services: ​ Our ​centers are‍ equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, including X-rays, EKGs, and laboratory testing for⁢ accurate ‍and efficient diagnosis
  • Travel Medicine: Our travel health services help​ individuals prepare for international travel with necessary vaccinations, ⁣medications,⁣ and personalized medical advice

These are just ⁤a ​few⁣ examples of the comprehensive⁢ services available at Marque Urgent Care facilities. Our ‌team of highly skilled medical professionals is ​dedicated​ to providing compassionate and efficient care to all ⁢our patients,⁤ ensuring their ⁢health ‌and well-being are ‍our top priorities.