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    24 Ideas of Rich Thinking

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    What is Rich Thinking?

    Rich thinking refers to a mindset based on abundance, prosperity, and success. Individuals with rich thinking perceive opportunities where others see obstacles, focus on the positive aspects of life, and take calculated risks to pursue their goals.

    They do not let fear or scarcity limit their potential but instead adopt a growth mindset that allows them to maximize their unique skills and talents.

    Rich thinking can significantly impact an individual’s financial success and overall well-being. By adopting this mindset, individuals can overcome limitations and achieve true fulfillment.

    Ideas of Rich Thinking

    1. You must outsource something if you are not good at it.

    If we don’t outsource it, all our wealth will be temporary. We need to spend more time doing what we are good at. Why do many families in big cities hire nannies? They are not good at cooking, picking up and dropping off children, and mopping the floor. They are just good at making money.

    2. We must learn to support people.

    My monthly salary is 8,000, and I would like to spend 4,000 to raise a “servant.” I don’t do what he can do. I do what I am good at, and what I am good at must not be copied by others.

    The normal path of raising people:

    A. There are servants first and then drivers, and gradually there will be 100 and 1,000 employees. Cooking and driving by yourself, the probability of getting 100 to 1,000 employees is very small.

    B. Habitually directing people instead of doing everything by yourself.

    3. The working class will never understand the boss, but the boss must understand the working class.

    Because they understand them, they can control them and control them remotely.

    4. If the child’s grades are not good, find a one-on-one tutoring boss.

    Parents don’t need to tutor their children. Professional matters can be left to professional people.

    Don’t enroll in the sheep-herding class. There is one teacher in each class and 30 children. Such a remedial class is meaningless. Tutoring, in the true sense, is one-on-one. Don’t feel bad about the money. The tutoring class looks cheap. The service quality must be cheap.

    5. Wealth will not be distributed equally.

    There are 25 men and 25 women in the class. These 25 women want sex with the same man, and the sexual resources will not be evenly distributed.

    As for social resources, they will not be evenly distributed. In any field, 1 gets more, 1 gets 10, and vulnerable groups only get 1 or 1 more.

    6. 10 years ago, your company had 3 people, and 10 years later, your company still has 3 people.

    This is why, 10 years ago, you earned 1 million a year. The reason for earning 1 million after 10 years.

    Remember, if 10% of the daily income is distributed, the original performance will increase by 40%. Many people are unwilling to part with this point, but they don’t know how to do so. If you learn how to part with it, you will get more and more money in your hands.

    7. Reading, watching movies, and skipping rope is all relaxation after making money.

    We can’t expect to make money by reading, watching movies, skipping rope, or making money. If we read 1,000 books, it is better to post 1,000 posts around one selling point.

    People who love to learn are all escapists; they are useless in life and out of tune with the people around them. They also mistakenly think that they are Nietzsche. Nietzsche is a civil servant who does not need to consider market demand. We are businessmen and must be utilitarian. Son.

    8. Was Van Gogh a genius?

    No. He met a good behind-the-scenes promoter, a good writer.

    Many people, who are interested in Van Gogh and even worship Van Gogh’s works, read Owen Stone’s “Longing for Life.” Without this book, Van Gogh’s works are still worthless.

    What is the power of culture? This is called the power of culture. Culture serves the economy, and culture that does not serve the economy must be a pseudo-culture.

    9. Where the traffic is, there is wealth.

    If you don’t do TIKTOK now, it is still a bit difficult to get traffic.

    10. Let the people around you make money quickly, and those around you will make more and more money.

    Naturally, we will attract more and more people. When there are 100 people and 1000 people around us, it can be considered to earn millions or tens of millions a year.

    11. Don’t touch things that you are not good at.

    I told Teacher TONY, you don’t need to make videos or write articles. If you make videos, you can talk. But video post-processing needs to be outsourced habitually, or you can tell. The traffic coming from the video belongs to the video production and promotion personnel. It must be the most pedantic idea to be an all-rounder yourself or to eat from beginning to end.

    12. The best business model

    The best business model = the boss breeds the boss + the employee breeds the employee, + the customer breeds the customer.

    13. 90% of what we do has nothing to do with money.

    This society abandons us. Everything we do is to make a fortune. This is positive energy.

    14. You can do vibrato, but don’t use vibrato.

    Courses can be sold, but courses cannot be learned. Rare things are precious, and we encourage all living beings to do what they like, but we must exercise restraint and restraint again.

    15. My time cost per hour is 500 yuan. What does this mean?

    I will give up any dinner or party that doesn’t make sense.

    Earning 500 yuan an hour, whether in the countryside or the city, is a very, very powerful person. See how many people around you can earn 500 yuan an hour. As a result, we found that there were very few.

    16. The whole family thinks about one thing, and the whole family does one thing.

    It is very fast to change luck and get ahead. Why are children from rich families so powerful?

    The whole family only thinks about one thing, how to make a fortune and get ahead. People are waiting for them to eat, drink, sleep, and sleep. They don’t need to worry about these tedious little things. Many people are abolished just because the little things around them abolish them. You can get rich if you don’t sweep a house, but if you sweep the house every day, you have no chance of getting rich.

    17. Practice your little skills to make money.

    Here, many car wash shops closed in less than three months. They just followed the low-price strategy. The service cannot keep up 100% if the price is low. If the price is raised, the service can keep up.

    I want to open a tutoring class and will not follow the low-price strategy. I said: one child charges 20,000 yuan, and we only need 10 children, which is 200,000 yuan. For the 200,000 yuan, I would like to share 150,000 yuan with the teacher. What are my requirements for the teacher? Must be a top student.

    18. Only when you keep making money will you know what to learn.

    If you keep learning, you will even forget about making money. The poorer the people, the more they praise learning because learning is the most inspirational reason to escape reality. Anything that sounds inspirational must be deceiving.

    19. There is a kind of people.

    When they encounter problems, they consult the boss. The boss says 123, and the problem is solved. They still like to ask: Is there any course? Is there a tutorial?

    The problem has been solved for you. Why do you still need to attend lectures and read tutorials? I can’t understand this kind of logic. Indeed, it is difficult for people who earn 1 million yuan a year to understand what people with an annual income of more than 100,000 yuan think and do. Due to the ubiquitous generation gap, the mobility of social classes is getting smaller and smaller.

    20. Think more.

    If the boss wants to earn 10 million yuan a year, he should think more about it: How do the employees around him earn 1 million or 2 million yuan a year?

    21. Because the parents are not promising, the probability of the child being promising is not too high.

    Many children are destined to be unable to surpass their parents because the more opportunities to make money, the more intense the competition.

    22. When someone takes the initiative to pay for the meal, let’s give the other party a cigarette or two cigarettes as a habit.

    Give it away, and 100% will not suffer a loss, instead of just saying thank you or 666 to close the stall. Anyone who helps us add points, we are used to reporting immediately.

    For salary payments, there are daily settlements and monthly settlements. Do you like daily settlement or monthly settlement? 90% of people like to pay now, and rewards will be immediate. Humanity is to be respected, not challenged.

    23. You will not be poor at work, but you will be poor at learning.

    After leaving school, you should mainly work with people who have achieved results, not learn from those who have achieved results, because learning can be faked, but doing cannot be faked.

    24. Very few people pay for this selling point because order-based learning is right.

    Traditional thinking still does not have diamonds and does not do porcelain work.

    What is reality? Order first, digest later. 99% of technical schools dare not take orders from outsiders because students learn they don’t realize that they are idiots, and when they are encouraged to do it, they will realize that they are idiots.

    Learning can be faked. In the classroom, the teacher asked: Do you understand? A group of idiots who couldn’t understand still said: I understand. This is compulsory education.

    One-to-one education, order-based education, does not care for people’s self-esteem, so diagnosis has always rejected them.

    Real merchants don’t sell anything diagnosis rejects. They sell whatever diagnoses like. Rather than saying that the current culture is superficial and vulgar, it is better to say that people are superficial and vulgar.

    What is the current human nature? What is the culture? The appearance of the current culture is the appearance of the current human nature.

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